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Debbie Gleason

a parent with kids in CPS
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About Me

I am mother to two Special Ed kids. Our older daughter has severe cerebral palsy. Can't speak. Younger daughter is more or less considered learning disabled.

I have spent a lot of time trying to be an advocate. On Twitter I spend time talking to educators about my experiences and why they need to include parents in the conversation on education reform and what I am calling educational equality. I feel that we need to have educational equality before we can have anything resembling real reform. I would like to start a grassroots movement that would help educate legislators who are sympathetic to learning about what real reform looks like. I see it as a kind of DFA or MoveOn for education.

Note: I am an empath which means that I am in tune with people and their emotions. If I am in a crowd, I may need to disappear to unravel the strands and figure out what is what or, more precisely, what belongs to me and what belongs to others. I may be found doing some emotion releasing asanas. If I disappear, please someone get me for dinner. Thanks.

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