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Exploring the City

Philadelphia is a wonderful place, and in the spirit of EduCon, we want you to explore! EduConcierge is proud to offer a Gowalla Trip containing tons of suggestions for local activities, eateries, etc.

Here's how it works:

1. Signup for an account on Gowalla
2. Add EduCon as a friend.
3. Download the mobile app to your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Palm device.
4. Go to the "EduCon 2.3 Attractions" trip and begin exploring!

You can tap on any location in the list to get information from EduConcierge, or tap on the Maps tab to view the locations on a map.

In addition, if you check in to three or more EduCon recommended locations, visit the EduConcierge desk to receive a prize!

Want to see the SLA core values in use?

Inquiry: Attendees will be able to explore Philadelphia.
Research: Attendees can research the locations online or through EduConcierge.
Collaboration: Attendees can "friend" each-other and even stay connected after the conference!
Presentation: Attendees can use their Gowalla Passport to visually show where they've been.
Reflection: Attendees can view their Gowalla Passport to reflect upon their experiences.

Use foursquare? Gowalla can link to your foursquare account so your check-ins appear on both sites!

Don't have a smartphone? You can still view the recommendations by visiting http://gowal.la/t/akH. Be sure to check the trip page frequently as more locations will be added both prior and during EduCon!

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