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Encienda EduCon

Session Description

Join us for 2 sessions of "lightning presentations" delivered by EduCon participants. Each presenter will have 5 minutes to share an idea, broken down into 20 slides, which automatically advance every 15 seconds. Encienda EduCon will take place during lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.

For an example of a "lightning presentation" check out this video of Chris Lehmann explaining his ideas about "school 2.0".

Encienda EduCon Presenters

Teresa Bunner: "If You Build It, They Will Read!"
Rod Corbett: "Teaching with MindMaps"
Leon Cygman: "Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Blackboard"
Laura Deisley: "Why Making Stuff Matters"
Jason Kern: "Thanks Coach"
Jeff Kessler: "Turning Distraction into Action: A Student's Perspective on Using Electronic Devices in the Classroom"
Rodd Lucier: "20 Things I've Learned on Twitter"
Jennifer Orr: "What do you teach?"
Karen Szymusiak: "Where Are the Children?"
David Timony: "You're going to teach me what?!"

Call for Presentations (Closed)

Got a crazy idea you want to share with other EduCon participants? Think you can do it in 5 minutes, with only 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide? Submit a 1-2 sentence (short presentation=short proposal) description of your presentation idea by noon on December 8th.

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