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iSchool Area of Focus: Helping Students Become Experts

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Session Five: Sunday 12:30pm–2:00pm
Room 301
Alisa Berger, Mary Moss
Affiliation: NYC iSchool
Conversational Focus/Audience:
High School
Conversation Description:

We know that the current generation of high school students will be expected to be knowledge creators. We also know that colleges are attracted to students who stand out in a particular area. Finally, we know that adolescents perform better when theyre interested in the topic or activity. So, how can high schools support students in the pursuit of their passions and in their development of expertise?
In this conversation, we will present NYC iSchools Area of Focus program, in which rising juniors select an area and topic to pursue in depth. The program requirements include:
Critical Thinking class in the subject area
Research and Writing class in the subject area
Project Proposal seminar, in which students develop, outline, and justify a senior project
An internship or Teaching Assistant-ship in the area of study
Advanced or specialized course work in the subject area (including AP and college classes)
Senior Project, emphasizing school impact

Conversational Practice:
The session will include: Brief overview of the iSchool model and the role of the Area of Focus program Description of the Area of Focus program and its requirements Participant workshop time to develop elements of the Area of Focus program for their own schools Materials available at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VAdLaFtvYRVPFIUVGxqX4KIZFLYh6D8uAAtfG6Le4BQ/edit?hl=en Participant sharing with the whole group and discussion


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