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Standards Based Grading: Is it fair?

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Session Two: Saturday 1:00pm–2:30pm
Room 301
Kristen Swanson, Mike Ritzius
Affiliation: The School District of Springfield Township, Camden County School District
Conversational Focus/Audience:
All School Levels
Conversation Description:

Standards based grading is a system that seeks to place learning in the hands of the student. It attempts to reward students for the attainment of mastery, regardless of the time/support required. Learning targets are compartmentalized and evaluated according to achievement only. Is this where we want to take our students? Or is this simply another grading fad that must disappear before we can truly encourage internal, authentic motivation?

Conversational Practice:
For this session, participants will be part of a grading simulation, discuss the results of an informal survey about grading, and build a gradebook that expresses their beliefs about standards based grading. It will give participants an opportunity to explore and refine their grading philosophies.


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