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Innovations in 21c Learning Spaces

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Session Four: Sunday 10:30am–12:00pm
Room 301
Ray Bordwell, Peter Brown
Affiliation: Avenues New York, Peter Brown Architects
Conversational Focus/Audience:
All School Levels
Conversation Description:

Educators addressing changing educational paradigms are often confronted with "old school" ideas about learning spaces. This conversation illustrates how shifts in educational ideas are changing ideas about spaces, and how educators can be involved in shaping innovative space types for 21c learning.

This conversation builds upon the combined experience of Ray Bordwell and Peter Brown in creating innovative solutions for schools in the US, while working with leading educators internationally in creating world-class schools from Tokyo, through China and Southeast Asia, to India, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

The conversation will demonstrate the results of mashing ideas from educators (and risk-takers) around the planet who are focused on creating students equipped for success in our global society. After an introductory presentation, participants will be invited to discuss emerging space types that address 21c skills as well as factors that influence space planning: curriculum, scheduling, staffing, and other practicalities.

The group will be encouraged to exchange ideas, and share successes in aligning learning and learning environments.

Ray Bordwell is Chief Facilities Officer of Avenues New York, an organization focused on creating Global Schools in the world's most dynamic international cities. Peter Brown is Principal of Peter Brown Architects, a Design and Strategy firm focused on creating innovative learning environments.

Conversational Practice:
The conversation will begin with a brief presentation to orientate participants on connections between learning and learning environments. Visuals provided will show innovations in learning spaces designed to support 21c learning strategies. Discussion will encourage participants to share their successes, as well as brainstorm situations that are brought to the table. A wikispace developed for the conversation will provide on-line resources as well as extend the discussion beyond the session time.


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