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Renee Hobbs

Temple University
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Philadelphia PA

About Me

Renee Hobbs is a Professor of Communication at Temple University, where she founded the Media Education Lab.

She is the author of Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning, published by Corwin Press in 2010.

She also wrote Reading the Media: Media Literacy in High School English (Teachers College Press, 2007). For nearly 20 years, Renee Hobbs has helped K-12 educators incorporate media analysis and production activities into English language arts, social studies, and health education through by providing staff development programs, beginning with the Harvard Institute on Media Education in 1993.

In Philadelphia, she leads the Powerful Voices for Kids initiative, a university school partnership with the Russell Byers Charter School. The program includes a summer media literacy and digital media camp for children ages 5 to 13, a professional development program for elementary educators, hands-on mentoring in the classroom, and research to develop alternative assessment methodologies for examining how digital learning impacts academic achievement.

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Renee Hobbs

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