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Peggy George

AzTEA, ISTE,Classroom 2.0LIVE, EdTechTalk
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About Me

I have been a professional educator for over 30 years. I completed my BA in Education at ASU, and earned my M.Ed. and Ed.D. degrees from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. I began my teaching career in special education and have taught grades 1-6. I have had many administrative/leadership roles throughout my career including elementary principal, special education director, director of a private school for the deaf, coordinator of a Professional Development School (PDS) program in the Madison District affiliated with ASU-West, and teacher education lecturer at ASU-West. Courses I have taught include action research, classroom instruction and management, curriculum organization, technology integration in the K-12 classroom, classroom assessment, and the student teaching capstone seminar. Since my second "retirement" in May 2007, I have been involved in many educational technology projects related to Web 2.0 and best practices for technology integration in schools/universities. I co-host the weekly Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinars on Elluminate which are dedicated to supporting teachers with resources and practical suggestions for incorporating Web 2.0 technologies into their teaching and learning. I am actively involved in the EdTechTalk (ETT) community through weekly webcasts, co-hosting the Women of the Web webcast, and serving as a co-editor of the weekly newsletter. I am currently serving as an AzTEA Board Member (ISTE Affiliate), and am a consultant for the AZ Digital Nation project for PBS/Frontline. My passion is continuing to explore all of the latest technology innovations and social networking opportunities for engaging students/teachers in powerful interactive learning experiences, and to share these resources with other educators.

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