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Peter Brown

Peter Brown Architects
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Dallas TX

About Me

Peter Brown AIA is founder and principal of the design and strategy firm, Peter Brown Architects. Practicing at a range of scales, the firm collaborates with clients to enrich places and experiences. Peter is skilled at translating the needs, desires and aspirations of clients, creating elegant solutions to complex challenges.

During his career, Peter has been responsible for planning and designing innovative learning environments for over 50,000 students, exceeding $1 Billion in construction costs, and awarded by architects and educators alike. With projects and engagements in over 16 states and 7 countries, Peter thrives in dynamic team processes.

Strategy plays an important role in Peter's work. He is an advocate for sustainable design, brings a rich knowledge of educational practices, and works with clients to create beautifully functional places to live, work, learn, create, interact, and enjoy.

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