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Lynette Guastaferro

Teaching Matters
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New York

About Me

Lynette Guastaferro is the Executive Director of Teaching Matters, a non-profit organization that partners with educators to ensure that all students can succeed in a digital age. Serving one of the largest urban school systems in America, Teaching Matters has introduced over 10,000 teachers across 700 schools to educational innovations made possible by technology. By supporting teachers to redefine their teaching practices, Teaching Matters has helped prepare hundreds of thousands of students with skills necessary to thrive in todays digital world. Ms. Guastaferro possesses a unique blend of education, private-sector consulting, and technology innovation experience. Under her leadership and responding to both research and what is happening in real classrooms, Ms. Guastaferro has spearheaded the design of award winning, scalable learning environments that strike a balance between core-academic and 21st century skills. Ms.Guastaferro has worked as both a classroom teacher and a senior management consultant for Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC). At PWC, she led projects to innovate and improve the performance of government and educational agencies. Her work in education reform led her to Baltimore, where she took a classroom teaching position and designed her school's first technology-based learning support lab for literacy and mathematics. Ms. Guastaferro holds an M.B.A. from Columbia University and a B.A.from Williams College.

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