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Lauren Carnahan

Randolph Central School District
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Randolph, NY

About Me

Currently I teach at the same school I attended and I love it. Randolph Central School- Home of the Cardinals! The DOLPH!!!!!! I teach 8th grade social studies,GED history,12th grade economics/government, and have a little study hall in there too. I love my job so much!Great students, administrators, and staff to work with!

For my undergraduate work, I attended JCC for 2 years and then finished at SUNY Fredonia where I double majored in History and also in Social Studies Education 7-12. Glad that's over with! After graduating from Fredonia, I job searched for a bit and substitute taught for a few years at RCS. After getting the job at Randolph in 2007, I obtained a M.E.D. in Special Education in 2009 from Edinboro University. I would like to continue on in the future for my administration degree, but that's a little further down the road.

Now the good stuff! I am pretty laid back and like to have fun. I love to hang out with my friends, cut a rug, work out, and just enjoy life for what it is. I stay pretty busy and can't sit still for very long. Always on the go! Questions? Just ask and I will tell... maybe.

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