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This year, we are introducing a new service: EduConcierge. It's your virtual concierge desk that can provide assistance whenever it is needed! Ask a question by calling or sending a text message to (347) 4EDUCON. You can also send an @reply or a Direct Message to @educoncierge.

What can you ask? Anything that you would ask a hotel concierge or the SLA tech squad! Having a problem with your laptop's internet? Need to print a boarding pass or have a transportation-related question (including airport / Amtrak travel tips)?

Example messages include:

  • How can I join the SLA WiFi network?
  • My session's presentation is blocked by the school district!
  • How do I navigate the SEPTA Transit System?
  • Do you know where my train will board at 30th Street?
  • What is the best way to get to the airport?
  • Can I print my boarding pass?
  • Have any sightseeing suggestions?
  • Do you know of any discounts for local attractions?
  • Where can I store my luggage?
  • What sessions are offered this afternoon?

Need Directions: http://bit.ly/get2sla

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