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Special Education/Learning Support Meet-Up

SLA's Learning Support Coordinator Michael Farrell will host an informal session & discussion about Special Education/Learning Support @ SLA. Stop by the Learning Support Room (Rm. 206) with your lunch.

Cooperative Catalysts

Come join some of the authors of the Cooperative Catalyst blog for more conversations. We'll be meeting face to face (many of us for the first time) and plan to enjoy some deep conversation around education, passionately talking and questioning each other. Connect with other catalyst thinkers!

Google Apps Certified Trainers Meetup

Come grab some coffee and chitchat for a while. We'll meet by the coffee station at the Registration Booth - track #appsct #educon if you can't find us. I'll wear a Cap in the morning! :-)

Meet the EduConcierge!

Need some help navigating Philly and seeing the sights? Need a map of the Public Transit System (or want to buy some tokens)? Want to meet the person behind the @educoncierge system? Jeff Kessler, EduCon's Chief Process Engineer, Transportation Chair, and Founder of EduConcierge, will be available in the SLA Library on Friday! Whether you need some help, or just want to say hello, definitely stop by the EduConcierge desk for a wonderful experience!

Friday Breakfast Tweetup

Open invitation to drop by Little Pete's (2 1/2 blocks south of Club Quarters hotel) for breakfast on Friday before the SLA tours and festivities begin. Come meet up with some old Tweeps and meet some new ones. Map and directions to Little Pete's Diner.

Early Bird food and conversation-Thurs Night

**Flight delayed, won't get there till 730 or so. Getting in town Thursday so this is where I plan to eat, have a good brew, and would dig meeting some other educon folks, share plans for the weekend and start some good conversations. This place is close Club Quarters Hotel (where I am staying) and appears to have a good menu. http://www.ripsneakers.com/nodding/index.cfm


We would like to invite all present and past PLPeeps, including anyone who has served as an Experienced Voice or Community Leader, attending EduCon, to join us at the Mission Grill on Saturday after the "Philly Classic" Dinner at SLA and before the gathering at Rembrandt's. Please stop in spend some time catching up with old friends and meet new ones! We look forward to seeing you there.


Opening night good times in Best (West) Philly just a short drive or trolley ride from EduCon. RSVP to Timony @ gmail dot com for details Food folks and fun Classic films and PS3 challenges Stop in and say hello

Running Around Philly - Saturday

Come join us for a relaxed pace run (~10min/mile) around Philadelphia before the day's activities begin.

Running Around Philly - Friday - postponed

Come join us for a relaxed pace run (~10min/mile) around Philadelphia before the day's activities begin. Postponed due to snow day. Contact me @misscthompson if you want to exercise. It's my favorite way to spend a snow day.

#sschat lunch!

I will be hosting a #sschat meetup in my SLA classroom - 504- from 11:45am-12:45pm on Friday, January 28th, 2011. We will be getting an order from Primo's Hoagies, an SLA fave for Friday lunch. If you would like to have food delivered to my classroom, please take a look at the menu and fill out the form below. See you all soon! Menu - http://www.primohoagies.com/main/?page_id=30 Form - http://bit.ly/i44Ri2