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Libyan dignified television reported that government collateral forces were tough

Libyan state tube reported that direction security forces were trying citizens cooperation. It showed a press in Untested Healthy chanting pro-government slogans and holding a seal supporting the regime.

But But at one certify, who agreed to be identified only as Adam, said helicopters landed troops armed to the teeth in Tripolis Country-like Even on Monday to litter anti-government protesters with robot-like weapons and grenades.

So, who was gathered Monday at Tripoli Inexperienced Square? Pro-government demonstrators according to Libyan state box, or anti-government protesters according to anonymous Adam?

Arab League Secretary-General Amre Moussa called with a view an exterminate to the violence. He criticized the younger Gadhafis declaration during a speech beginning Monday that Tunisians and Egyptians were to blame destined for Libyas shock,

the younger Gadhafi acknowledged that protesters had seized prodigious weapons from superintendence troops in Benghazi and that the country faced a civil strife that could smash it to pieces and hand out rivers of blood.

We eat a very rickety settlement to make, said Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, the hinterlandss across the board coordinator and rhyme of his fathers surmount lieutenants. We are all the same, WE ALL PREPARE WEAPONS, we are all Libyans, and this is our country, our homeland.

Here is the crux. I was pro a week in Benghazi, Lybia in summer of 2000, and I was aware of there that Lybia has military coordination compare favourably with to the equal of Switzerland, namely ALL SERIOUS ADULTS IN LYBIA BE SUFFERING WITH GUNS IN THEIR HOUSEHOLDS.

Differently Lybian socialism would not subsist proper for so extensive: there were numerous attacks against Lybia, to remark a murderous aerial equal by US Army in Tripolis (code-named G-man El Dorado Gorge on April 15, 1986) and NATO desperado storm against Khadafi airliner flying to Warsaw, in which past omission aa Italair even was essay with 81 passengers in Ustica Execution 27 June 1980.

So in all documentation we document now again the Western attack at this particular socialist state in Africa. This for the present alongside hired troops from fellow-countryman Islam preaching countries Tunisia and Egypt, where in all indication regimes had to be changed in direction to to assure the collaboration of Tunisian and Egyptian militaries in this endavour

As te reliability of Western Rest Media is concerned, two days ago I received from USA an facts from a fried that in 13 cities of inside China collection protests began, military units are thrilling prearranged the country (Wiekie rozruchy w Chinach..w 13 miastach srodka Chin.transportuja masy wojska...)

Thanks to Belorussian anti-lukashenkist website www.tut.by I learned that this recent Chinese dissent (100 protesters were arrested) was masterminded on a website situated in USA but publishing in Chinese www.Boxun.com . Two days ago at this website were exposed pictures of a platoon of Chinese revolutionaries in expression of MacDonald restaurant in a new Chinese town, with slogans We miss to tie on the nosebag! (in MacDonads?), We need jobs! (in MacDonads?), We want enclosure! We hunger for the law! (Like in USA?) The surround accompanying these protesters wasnt greater than the at one which one observes daily at odd bus stops internal Chinese cities (as wrote me a Enhance reporter who recently visited China).

Interesting, isnt it how with it revolutions proceed, without exception from the same commencement veiled in the Bermuda Triangle of Socialist Nations GB-USA-IL.

Message from www.cnn.com on Tuesday February 22nd 2011:

Libya struggles to moderate spreading coup d'tat

Around the CNN Wire Sceptre

February 22, 2011 Updated 0521 GMT (1321 HKT)

Gadhafi appears on Libyan TV


FASHIONABLE: The U.N. Safe keeping Body is scheduled to meet on Libya on Tuesday
View says troops fired indiscriminately at protesters
Gadhafi says hes silent in Tripoli
Eastern Libya appears under conflicting control

Be struck by you witnessed protests and anxiousness in Libya? Share your photos and videos with CNN via iReport.

(CNN) Libyan superior Moammar Gadhafi made a condensation small screen appearance beforehand Tuesday to announce that he was to in debt, denying reports that he had fled the motherland in the disguise of a spreading revolt.

Speaking to a nation tv newswriter in forefront of his Tripoli house, Gadhafi said he wanted to show people that I am in Tripoli, not in Venezuela. Dont believe those dogs in the media.

His 40-second appearance came after his ministry unleashed warplanes and helicopter gunships Monday in an strive to spirits up the take-over that captured Benghazi, the countrysides second-largest see, terminated the weekend. Witnesses said the aircraft were attacking anti-government demonstrators in every direction Tripoli, the capital.

Libyas government denied it was turning its tell pressure against civilians. Gadhafis son, Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi, told the pomp intelligence intermediation Al-Jamahirya the warplanes were targeting weapons depots in remote areas.

But undivided onlooker, who agreed to be identified simply as Adam, said helicopters landed troops armed to the teeth in Tripolis Green Boxy on Monday to shower anti-government protesters with mechanical weapons and grenades.

They include been using aerial tactics, along with men on the base, to away and shoot indiscriminately into crowds, he said. The efficacy included both government troops and mercenaries working for Gadhafi, he said. But residents were responding by barricading themselves in their homes and placement up makeshift checkpoints to keep cars chock-full of gunmen absent from of their neighborhoods.

soldiers reportedly burned aware

protests terrorize oil prices

Amb. to Libyans: Dont compromise

In eastern Libya, groups of men in armed civilian clothing were guarding the streets, and unfriendliness leaders appeared to be in hard control, CNN reporter Ben Wedeman reported. Wedeman is the first Western tv newsman to into and report from Libya during the crisis.

Comprehend what Wedeman witnessed in eastern Libya

Residents said hundreds of mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa had been killed or captured while fighting to Gadhafi, but much of the army appears to have gone past to anti-government forces. Diverse businesses were open Monday, allowing some semblance of sane flair in the midst of the revolt.

Meantime, Gadhafis regime faced defections from outstanding officials who declared their unity with the Libyan people.

Rightfulness Churchman Mustafa Abdul Jalil resigned, saying he was protesting the bloody setting and use of disproportionate compulsion against unprotected protesters, according to the Libyan newspaper Quryna. And Libyas spokesman messenger to the Communal Nations called the crackdown genocide, adding, The forgather killing has reached a juncture where no possibly man can gird tacit around it.

Whenever people are getting to the streets, whenever they are demonstrating peacefully, the army and militias are shooting at them, the diplomat, Ibrahim Dabbashi, told CNN on Monday. But Gadhafi cannot suggestible this coup d'tat, Dabbashi said.

The Libyan people are firm to turn rid of him. Its a stuff of time. I dont have knowledge of how want it thinks fitting model, but it bequeath be in the near future, he said.

The U.N. Collateral Synod scheduled a Tuesday morning encounter on Libya at Dabbashis request, the basic occasion the board has held consultations as surplus any of the revolts that obtain swept the Arab world since January.

Gadhafi: An iron dominion on Libya

Gadhafi says he leads a transformation

timeline of protests

whenever they are demonstrating peacefully, the army and militias are shooting at them?Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libyas spokesperson diplomat to the U.N.

CNN could not before you can say 'jack robinson' authenticate reports seeking most areas beyond Benghazi. The Libyan government maintains taut manage on communications and has not responded to repeated requests an eye to access to the outback, granting CNN has interviewed numerous witnesses close phone.

Libyan express television reported that management fastness forces were hard citizens cooperation. It showed a pack in Non-professional Square chanting pro-government slogans and holding a deliver supporting the regime.

But a lady in Tripoli reported that warplanes and helicopters were attacking parts of the capital, and armed men in cars were firing at anyone on the streets. The band leader of an opposition action told CNN that helicopter gunships were firing into crowds, and two Libyan pilots defected to Malta after being asked to batter Libyan citizens, a Maltese administration source said.

The defecting pilots French-built Mirage F1 jets were armed with rockets and drunk motor guns when they landed in Malta, the Maltese fountain-head said.

Video posted on YouTube showed what CNN was told were the charred remains of six Libyan troops in unlatch core bags. Opposition sources in Libya hold the lukewarm were soldiers who refused to flash at anti-government demonstrators.


Moammar Gadhafi
Protests and Demonstrations

The minute-long video was captured on a alert phone camera and posted on Monday, but it was not sharp when it was taken. It depicts a flood gathered around the bodies, which were burned beyond identification, and the antipathy sources said varied more bodies were organize in an adjacent military barracks.

Citing hospital sources, Considerate Rights Take in said Monday that at least 233 people had been killed in the over week of upheaval. CNN has been in communication with medics and witnesses in Libya, whose accounts seem to corroborate the Kindly Rights Watch bang, but Dabbashi said the knell could be as lofty as 800.

Libya is the latest Arab political entity to be defeated into turmoil since Januarys ouster of Tunisian strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Equivalent protests toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on February 12 and have spread across the dominion from Morocco to Bahrain.

Gadhafi has ruled Libya since a 1969 coup detat, but questions fro his whereabouts swirled Monday after his son delivered a televised whereabouts on the crisis. In that speech, the younger Gadhafi acknowledged that protesters had seized unbearable weapons from management troops in Benghazi and that the country faced a internal clash that could smash it to pieces and circulate rivers of blood.

We have a very threatening decree to make, said Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, the native lands shared coordinator and one of his fathers surpass lieutenants. We are all the same, we all set up weapons, we are all Libyans, and this is our nation, our homeland.

U.N. General-Secretary Ban Ki-moon had an extensive discussion with the Libyan leader Monday, the United Nations said.

Read about Forbids contact with regional leaders

Disallow expressed involved concern at the escalating progression of frenzy and emphasized that it necessity come to a stop right now, a U.N. spokesman said. He reiterated his call up instead of appreciation for basic freedoms and hominoid rights, including restful assembly and gen, the spokesman said, and Prohibition underlined the need to effect the sanctuary of the civilian citizens beneath any circumstances.

Quryna, a traditionally pro-government magazine that did not broach the protests when they began last week, reported that African mercenaries had opened foment on defenceless civilians in Tajouraa, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) east of Tripoli. A Quryna reporter also said snipers had endeavour an weaponless sweetheart in the anyway area.

In Tripoli, a woman who asked not to be identified reported seeing twist in the streets. Ive seen myself red Hyundai cars with tinted windows that had armed people interior it shooting adventitiously people, she told CNN in a phone interview. Three victims have fallen in the suiting someone to a t where I live.

During a congress with EU ambassadors in Tripoli, Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmudi blamed the furore on terrorists and baneful plans and stressed that Libya has the truthful to face any measures to shelter its unity, durability, people and resources, Libyan glory tv reported.

The Arab Band determination put behind bars an exigent apex Tuesday to examine Libya, Egypts valid news intercession MENA reported Monday, and Arab Fraternity Secretary-General Amre Moussa called since an end to the violence. He criticized the younger Gadhafis assertion during a discourse premature Monday that Tunisians and Egyptians were to rebuke after Libyas repulse, saying demands after remodel, advancement and metamorphose were the valid rights of the Arab people.

In Washington, the Coalesced States condemned the violence and called in search a halt to the improper bloodshed in rejoinder to lay unrest, Secretary of Constitution Hillary Clinton said in a statement.

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