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English Blogs connected with Warsaw & Poland
Were on a continual look out for the benefit of other English language blogs close to Warsaw (or vaguely coordinated). Here is our pick so far.
Borsuk na Pradze. Our favorite so immeasurably, so we situation it cardinal (you online people have terse attention spans). The hack says Im from Alberta, Canada and sire been living in Warsaw, Poland since mid 2009. Poland is the last suppress on what has been a hardly wonderful years of traveling. Once working as an English don, I premeditated philosophy and anthropology, drove thick trucks in the Alberta oilfield, and worked as a expert woman on a established leggy ship. Kolin also writes in Smoothness occasionally - SWMM 5.
Perfect M Knob: An American in Warsaw. The writer says A scholar and mistress in Warsaw occasionally. I conclude the contrariwise element I disregard is the edge of night heavens (dont we all). The blog is updated more less directly a week or every two weeks with photos, descriptions of travels, husbandry predictions and intermittent cooking recipes.
Warsaw Section The founder, Olga Biczel takes stunning photos of places in Warsaw and writes close to them also in English (stay out the summaries at the end of each postal service).
Hyper-local in the suburbs. Photos, visit, nutriment and occasional musings on the welcoming comfortable with made liqueurs (which gets our come out for).
Raf Uzar I material in Warsaw (ripping of Poland). I work as an senior editor, translator and translator trainer and also on Polish National Radio. Raf writes mostly about history and politics.
Richard Berkeley. About the father: Richard Berkeley is an Anglo-Pole who has been living in Warsaw in place of ten years. He trained as a musician at London University Goldsmiths College.. This is sufficiently instead of me I finished Goldsmiths. Richard likes to reminisce a scads and has a terribly BCC-British accent, which seems fitting.
The writer says Born to Finish b kill parents in West London, in 1957. Forty years later, my family and I moved to Warsaw, Poland, where we contemporary to this heyday, in the quiet(ish) suburb of Jeziorki.. This is what we shout hyper-local journalism. Thank god in favour of it, because no one can be in all places at once. I uncommonly like the photos.

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