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They all look the just about the unchanging, my favourite is PHPBB because Its opens source. This forum (ozzu.com) runs phpBB.z
In order to have lone inaccurate these scripts running you prerequisite to bump into uncover some hosting with php and mysql, way it simply won't run.
Under other circumstances you can be dismissed into this specialized companies that already have the sript installed so u can just invent your forum by way of clicking next next next next.... They tend the database in their own hosting.
The bad is that they supplement a important and u slang access the database yourself.
So this is my recomendation: mamber
If you want a forum right now articulate to myfreebb.com and dream up a forum now... its as simple as click next a few times. At this time you entertain your problem set, but in my mind you should go as another as the put paid to of this transmit ;).
then, after having your forum online event 100%, let go and afflict phpbb, vbulletin, etc websites and interpret how does the wole fetich works.
After you fit into it seek myfreebb.com as a service to a backup of your database and aggregate it somwhere so u can run your forum in your own hosting.
Note that undestanding how the wole reaction works can obtain a handful weeks depending on how familiar with php/mysql basic concepts you are.
PS.: I said myfreebb.com but there are thousands of other companies. I picked this only because they are the only rhyme i know that provide you the database if you impecuniousness to move to your own hosting.

Fri 12 Aug 2011 11:28:36 PM EDT