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The Power of the Product: Creative, Meaningful, & Daring Ways to Demonstrate Information Mastery

Browse recordings: livestream.com/educon9

Session Five: Sunday 12:30pm–2:00pm
Room 304
Gwyneth A. Jones, Diane Cordell
Affiliation: Murray Hill Middle School, Maryland & ISTE Board of Directors. /// CyberSmart! Education Company
Conversational Focus/Audience:
All School Levels
Conversation Description:

This conversation will create a shared slidedeck of viable, creative, meaningful, and daring products that demonstrate information mastery, go beyond the regular research report and span the digital divide. The products of this conversation (Google slidedeck, Wallwisher, wiki, & Slideshare) will generate layers of sharing, producing, and value.

Assignment: EduCon - Session conversation as both a model classroom practice and a vehicle to create collaborative products of practical value. Participants will explore and brainstorm a variety of ways to relay mastery of a research unit or project through creative products that take into consideration the diverse abilities of kids and mindful of the digital divide.
To participants: Challenging questions to inspire conversation:

  • What else did you learn/what did you learn instead?
  • How will you document your learning? What form will the product take? [show your ideas and ask for participants'.]
  • How will you present your learning to your administrators/supervisor/students?
  • What do you want the student to learn...essential question
  • Traditional assessment...project: teacher selected
  • Alternative assessment...product and context: student selected, teacher approved
  • Grading: pass/fail; number or letter conversion; rubric; demonstrating understanding

Products for consideration, improvement, and expansion:

  • Multi-media: iMovie, podcast, animation, storyboard, or PSA
  • Performance
  • Retelling (with added or parallel elements) or parody
  • Persuasive debate or presentation
  • Graphic design: brochure, poster, or book cover
  • Teaching others or demonstration

Conversational Practice:
The conversation is a working and discovery session fueled by questions and assisted virtually by connected PLN members via Twitter & Second Life with the goal of empowering our students by freeing them from repetitious, banal, and limiting assessments. How can meaningful products demonstrate student comprehension of information and concept mastery, but also provide an opportunity for students to apply skills and knowledge to practical situations? The goal - creatively and collaboratively build a Google slidedeck, & wiki pages of product ideas. Culmination: last 20 min have each group share round robin or gallery walk to create a combined slidedeck of Daring Creative Classroom & Research Products to share with our PLN.


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