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Student Assistant Teaching: A Workshop on Replication and Implementation

Browse recordings: livestream.com/educon13

Session Three: Saturday 3:00pm–4:30pm
Room 311
Alexa Dunn, Josh Block, SLA Student Assistant Teachers
Conversational Focus/Audience:
High School, Middle School
Conversation Description:

The Student Assistant Teaching program at SLA places Senior students in underclassmen classrooms and completes the high school circle experience of teaching and learning. It enriches teacher/student and student/student relationships, builds a multi-leveled community of reflective learners, and reinforces an ethic of care in the classroom and beyond. Please join us for an evocative and stimulating panel discussion and workshop with teachers Alexa Dunn and Joshua Block plus members of the Student Assistant Teaching program as we explore the roots of this program, its success at SLA, and how you can replicate and implement a similar program in your schools.

Conversational Practice:
Panel discussion. Small group workshop to large group conversation.


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