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Story Matters Here

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Session Four: Sunday 10:30am–12:00pm
Room 304
Jon Orech
Affiliation: South High School, Downers Grove, Illinois
Conversational Focus/Audience:
All School Levels
Conversation Description:

First, a story: Monika was creating her Digital Story about leaving her beloved grandfather in Lithuania when her family emigrated to the US. When time came to record her voice, she sheepishly approached me and said in her best effort of English, "Meester Orech, plis you could record story for me. I am ashamed of my accent." My heart sank with her voice. I sat, looked her in her down-turned eyes and said, "Monika, think of your story. Think of what depth your voice will give it. Only you can tell your story." Through her tears, her eyes smiled. Later that week, she beamed as she, along with her riveted classmates, heard her voice.

Do you have a similar story? Within the last decade many of us have witnessed the power of Digital Storytelling, and many have acknowledged that DST can be part of a student-centered, inquiry-driven learning environment. In this discussion, we will share examples of triumph—times when breakthroughs or discoveries are made through the Power of Story. We will explore how Digital Storytelling can build community among learners and increase trust and empathy, as well as how DST can help struggling or marginalized students succeed. Time will be spent discussing the benefits vs. the time commitment, as well as pitfalls that can be avoided in the development, creation, and sharing of story. In addition, we will explore the ethical benefits including promoting digital citizenship, acceptance, and tolerance.

Bring a story to to tell or show!

Conversational Practice:
Participants will guide the discussion by supplying and voting on questions via a Google moderator site. http://tinyurl.com/storymatters Stories can be linked to the Google Moderator page or shared directly in the session. A combination of small and whole-group discussion will be used. Participants are encouraged to bring powerful stories to share.


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