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History, history

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Session Six: Sunday 2:30pm–4:00pm
Room 300
Margaret Graham, Melissa Mandell, Matt Herbison
Affiliation: Drexel U College of Medicine Legacy Center
Conversational Focus/Audience:
High School, Middle School
Conversation Description:

The stories told through primary source documents are powerful and immediate. What do you need to make primary sources work in your classroom?

  • What stories are most compelling for your students?
  • Are more, different, or better tools needed for accessing and using historical documents?
  • What are the physical, situational, or technical barriers to using primary sources, either online or at bricks-and-mortar repositories?

At the Drexel University College of Medicine we are the keepers of rich collections on the history of women in medicine primary source documents telling the story of women struggling for equal educational and professional opportunities. Middle and high school students are an under-reached and under-served audience of these unique resources.

We know we have great stories in our collections that can excite students about history and which they can learn from and contribute to. For educators, these resources can be used to engage students while meeting requirements. We're investigating the best means for reaching and engaging students in these materials, in the history classroom but also across disciplines and curricula.

Conversational Practice:
We will discuss locating, accessing and using primary source materials and elicit your input on what online resources work and do not work. As a group we'll conduct a usability test of several online resources. Sources, resources and tools discussed will be compiled online and will be accessible to all conference-goers for their own use.


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