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Making the Case to Parents: Starting a National Conversation

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Session Six: Sunday 2:30pm–4:00pm
Room 204
Will Richardson
Affiliation: Powerful Learning Practice
Conversational Focus/Audience:
All School Levels
Conversation Description:

What if we were to leverage the connections in our networks to start a meaningful national conversation among parents around the new faces of learning and change in schools? If we were to jump start that conversation with a well-planned "event" in the Fall of 2011, what would that look like? How would we do it?

This conversation will draw upon the wisdom of the participants to create a basic structure for such an event which we can then crowdsource to a greater audience after the conference. We'll get as far as we can in creating a project plan, and create a structure for continuing planning throughout the year.

Conversational Practice:
Presentation: A 10-minute overview of the broad goals for the BTSN idea. Small group: Initial brainstorm for "big ideas" to be added to project wiki. (30 mins) Full group: Facilitated discussion to create broad outlines of a project plan. (50 mins)


I invited her.

Fri 28 Jan 2011 12:04:20 PM EST

Gary Stager Gary Stager said:


This sounds just like what Michelle Rhee is doing!

Sat 15 Jan 2011 02:33:13 PM EST