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Leadership - A Missing Piece: Reimagining School and District Leadership

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Session One: Saturday 10:00am–11:30am
Room 311
Randy Ziegenfuss
Affiliation: Salisbury Township School District
Conversational Focus/Audience:
All School Levels
Conversation Description:

As educational leaders, we have heard a great deal about how students today lack the knowledge and skills to be productive citizens and workers in a world of exponential change. Solutions are offered, mostly focused on what students and teachers need to change. But what about school and district leaders? This conversation will explore what principal and district leadership needs to do differently in order to bring about the schools we need. It is my hope that we will leave the session having developed/reimagined a commonsense set of ideas to begin using in our practice as school leaders.

In order to get to this end, we'll revisit and uncover our basic ideas about what teaching and learning must look like in today's world and how we currently lead for this outcome. What is the gold standard? What are our non-negotiables? How do we currently lead - specific actions we take - to bring about this vision?

What might we do differently to more effectively address the challenges specific to the changes we need? We'll use Marzano's research on school change and leadership responsibilities as a lens to think differently about breathing life into our personal visions for teaching and learning. How do these frameworks apply to our current practice? But more importantly, how do we specifically use these frameworks as a starting point for leading change back in our schools? How do we reimagine leadership for today and tomorrow?

Conversational Practice:
This is largely a conversation-based session. While there will be some front-loading of information, small-group and large-group discussions will be the primary tool for idea creation. Google Docs will be used to support transparency of thinking, and the wiki linked below will serve as a means to share our work and continue the conversation beyond the session.


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