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Innovative Roles of Mathematics in STEM Education, Entrepreneurship, and Workforce Development in 21st Century

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Session Three: Saturday 3:00pm–4:30pm
Room 307
Idris Stovall
Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania
Conversational Focus/Audience:
All School Levels
Conversation Description:

This session will explore traditional definitions of Mathematics and their appropriateness in this new millennium. The facilitator will give his own thoughts, as a mathematician, and provide information on careers and pathways in which a mathematics foundation is fundamental and critical towards success. Our students' abilities/performance in mathematics relative to the world community will be presented and the implications will be discussed and explored with participants. The overarching theme and intention of this session is to have a meaningful conversation around the role of mathematics not only in STEM education, but, towards entrepreneurship, workforce development and other innovative means of partnering and collaborating with schools to co-create productive 21st century citizens.

Conversational Practice:


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