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Ctrl+Alt+PD: Shifting School Culture with Technology and Collaborative Professional Development

Browse recordings: livestream.com/educon6

Session Five: Sunday 12:30pm–2:00pm
Room 300
Heather Hersey, Cathy Stutzman, Don Ginty, Marci Zane, Vinny Panico, Mary Woods
Affiliation: Hunterdon Central Regional High School
Conversation Description:

Join us for a demonstration of a teacher-led initiative that shaped the way professional development and technology has begun to shift the culture of a high school with 3,100 students and 400+ staff members. Our facilitators include teachers, a former student, the district technology administrator, and school librarians. Using online artifacts and video footage from a 1:1 computing teacher training session, these facilitators will reflect on their roles in the culture shift and how it has changed teaching and learning in their school community.

This discussion will focus on creating and sustaining a change in culture that includes a commitment to collaboration among and life-long learning for all stakeholders in the school community. The conversation and demonstration will focus on the role that technology plays in creating and sustaining the shift and how collaborative professional development can promote deep inquiry on topics such as one-to-one computing, curriculum design, personal learning networks, interdisciplinary teaching, standards, formative assessment, guided inquiry, and the learning process. Together, we will discuss how to initiate such a movement at your school and how to navigate the impediments that you may face along the way.

Conversational Practice:
Ctrl+Alt+PD is a dynamic conversation that uses the collaborative possibilities of 21st Century Web Technologies to examine professional development practices and develop plans for implementation in our schools. Twitter, Diigo, and Google Docs, the same tools used during 1:1 teacher training, will be used to enhance the discussion. You can find all of the interaction tools at http://audience.Ctrl-Alt-PD.com.


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