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Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills To Transform Education

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Session One: Saturday 10:00am–11:30am
Room 204
Howie DiBlasi
Affiliation: Digital Journey
Conversational Focus/Audience:
All School Levels
Conversation Description:

Education has seen a narrowing of curriculum due to the implementation of No Child Left Behind. The growing 'culture of one right answer' is eroding the analytical and critical thinking abilities of American students who are being fed a diet of rote memorization and bubble sheets.

Creativity, innovation and critical thinking all matter because :
It is an essential element of self-directed lifelong learning.
Because it enables our citizens to adapt to rapidly changing economic, civic and cultural circumstances.
Creativity matters because it is vital for high-value work and for the competitiveness of our economy:
it is the one capacity that cannot be outsourced.

This conversation will delve into the research and scholarship related to the need for a curriculum devoted to Creativity, Innovation and Critical Thinking Skills.

What does a classroom, school or set of standards look like when it embraces creativity, innovation and critical thinking in its curriculum.

What are practical types of interventions that utilize creativity projects, innovative ideas and critical thinking skills in their curriculum

How do we move from a "culture of one right answer" to developing critical thinking skills?

How do individual teachers work to provide a more hearty experience to students in the face of sanctions and mandated interventions?

Conversations will center around creativity, problem solving and critical thinking and how to discover ideas, concepts and projects for the K-12 classroom. Questions will be examined in the area of innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking skills. Ideas will be developed for original lessons in several content areas.

Conversational Practice:
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