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Connecting with your physical education teacher to teach the 21st century skills - the missing link

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Session One: Saturday 10:00am–11:30am
Room 300
Betty Ann Fish
Affiliation: Springside School
Conversation Description:

This conversation is to help other subject area teachers in connecting with their physical education teacher or other "specials" to reinforce classroom concepts and 21st century learning skills. There is a real disconnect when the specials are not working in sync with the classroom teachers. Many wonderful teaching moments can be missed. Teachers need to tap into student's passions and for many this means the "specials." Let's share ideas and think of new ways to make this happen.

Conversational Practice:
I will start out sharing how I connect with the classroom teachers and other specials to coordinate activities in the gym to help in teaching 21st century learning skills and curriculum. There will be plenty of time to discuss how others connect with their P.E. teacher, what obstacles they see, ways to tweak the curriculum so that P.E. can be reinforcing the content and time to brainstorm ideas. I will demonstrate how I take a curriculum idea from the classroom and turn it into an activity in the gym.


Rick Alfonso said:

Thank you Betty or is it Betty Ann? I'm sorry that I don't know that. What a fun conversation. I have much to bring back to my PE, and other, teachers!

Rick Alfonso

Sat 29 Jan 2011 02:27:46 PM EST