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Capturing Learning

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Session One: Saturday 10:00am–11:30am
Room 209
Marc Mancinelli
Affiliation: Camden County Technical Schools
Conversational Focus/Audience:
High School, All School Levels
Conversation Description:

Every day, students are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of moments of learning. For many, they are fleeting and ephemeral— distractions, fatigue, and information overload can make remembering learning a challenge. Adults suffer this problem, too. We are surrounded by knowledge, experience, thinking, discussions, and ideas, but it's easy to let good thoughts be forgotten.

Educators need to be in the habit of capturing learning when it happens. Students who have thoughtful questions, insightful observations, and inspiring epiphanies need to be in an environment where the habit of finding ways to capture and organize learning is fostered. Technology makes this easy. RSS-feed aggregators and online tools like Evernote, Diigo, and Delicious facilitate personal learning from anywhere. For teachers, backchannel technology like Todaysmeet and Twitterfall help classrooms capture and track group learning.

It is essential that teachers realize that technology isnt always necessary for capturing learning. Strategies like maintaining word walls, idea centers, and ongoing personal project lists, as well as simple pedagogical practices like the willingness to deviate from a lesson to explore and capture in writing a student comment or observation are also effective. Teachers must develop the pedagogical habit of mind for collaborating with students to continually seek opportunities to capture and organize learning. School administrators must capture organizational learning, and work to collaborate with teachers and students to make coherence of learning over time. Finally, all educators must seek to capture and organize their own personal lifelong learning.

Conversational Practice:
I intend to provide focus questions on ways participants have sought to capture learning in their practice. Responses will be captured and organized, then shared with presenters in tangible fashion.


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